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Dear readers, my today’s article is nontechnical. However, it will help you utilize your technical skills. Yes, this article will deliver you a vital and extremely useful piece of information using which you can make an amazing living by exploiting your adroitness. If you ask me, it is futile if you cannot actually deploy your expertise and make a worthy living out of it that you definitely deserve. I've heard this a lot "Money cannot buy happiness", but neither can poverty! it's always comforting to cry in a BMW than in a public transport. Give it a thought! Let’s start with the real stuff “How to grow in career?”.

How to grow in career?

Just be with me on this article and see for yourself.
how to grow in career

Skills Development:

Skill development is the first step to minimizing the distance between you and your goal.

Identify Key Skills:

Every individual is born with a certain set of skills, however, to identify the most relevant skills is a challenging task. Hence in the process of skills development, the first step is to identify key skills.

It is proven that to perform a specific task an individual needs to have a specific skill. For e.g. a lab technician is a skilled for performing different tests into the lab for various observations and diagnosis. In this example, it clearly shows that to reach the particular diagnosis we need to have a specialist who is skilled to perform the test. Here what I am trying to say we should always look for the opportunities which best suits to our skills.

Sharpen the Key Skills:

Once the key skills are identified next step is to sharpen the skill by acquiring knowledge and by practicing on a day to day life. This way we continuously educate our self to further improve on the identified skills. For e.g. A lab technician may have limited area for practice since he is handling a small demography, However, his basics are clear to further excel in his job he needs to educate himself more on the critical diagnosis practices so that his area of expertise would be much larger than the previous job. With this example, I am trying to explain if a continuous update or education is being taken on the existing skills then it is going to add value in our job. This way we can earn better as compared to what we are earning now.

how to grow in career

Convert Skills into Habits:

As per the Stephen R.Covey habit has been define as the intersection of knowledge, skills and desire. Which means to succeed in life we should build winning as habit. Now how to make habits is explain in the below diagram.

I am going to explain the above diagram with an example. Suppose your company provides you one project to complete it in a specific time limit. So now you need to identify is it possible or not in a specific time limit.

You need to cover below things to identify it.

Knowledge: What to do (Understand project definition)

Skills: How to do (Identified the resources which will help to accomplish it)

Desire: Willing ness to do

how to grow in career

Clear the Smart goals of your Life:

S – Specific (or Significant).

M – Measurable (or Meaningful).

A – Attainable (or Action-Oriented).

R – Realistic (or Rewarding).

T – Time-bound (or Trackable).

how to grow in career

To achieve the desired objective we have to set SMART goals. This means a goal with a concrete plan and set of actions to achieve within stipulated time frame. Although,you may face certain challenges in order to achieve the desired objective. However, if you plan a smart objective or a goal you are more likely to achieve the same.


Suppose I want to purchase black Range Rover car by the end of December 2018. Now to validate my objective of purchasing range rover car is a smart objective or not, I have to break it down further.

SMART Objective Setting:

Specific : Black Range Rover Car

Measurable : Yes measurable by tracking annual savings

Attainable : Yes

Realistic : Yes

Time-bound : December 2018

Action Plan:

In order to achieve the smart objective, we need to have a set of action plans which should be further broken down into the small time units. For e.g. The cost of a Black Range Rover car is 20 lacs RS. The due date of accomplishes the desired objective is December 2018, which is exactly 28 months from today. So to build the capital of 20 lacs RS till the end of December 2018 I need to save 71428 Rs(20,00,000 lacs RS /28 months).

Task Planning:

Task is a small unit of an action plan which tells how to execute the action plan.
To save 71000 RS per month I need to cut short my unnecessary expenses like traveling expenses, budget planning, Lifestyle expenses.

Tips for setting goals:

1) Keep clear vision for your goal.

2) Break down that goal into small objectives.

3) Start working to achieve your objective.

4) Keep note of every action plan and review it.

Prove yourself as Asset for your employer:

  • Understand your job well and as well as organization objectives
  • Keep learning attitude
  • Be solution oriented
  • Be clear and straightforward
  • Behave professionally
  • Have proactive co-operation
  • Be a role model for other
  • Relationship building with different stakeholders

Hope, you enjoyed a lot while reading my this article. It will help you to achieve your desired goal for your life. Now how to use the “Internet of Things” to make this possible.


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