How to Use Index in Symfony

How to Use Index in Symfony

Symfony is the leading PHP framework to create websites and web applications. Built on top of the Symfony Components. It provides great packages list which helps us a lot to create a robust application. It comes with the great explanation of customization and code debugging feature. Let’s see an example of how to use Index in Symfony.

How to Use Index in Symfony:

Create One class file having specific namespace in any of bundle. Here I am creating this class under below namespace.


namespace ProjectName\BundleName\DoctrineFunctions;
use Doctrine\ORM\Query\SqlWalker;
class UseIndexWalker extends SqlWalker
* Walks down a FromClause AST node, thereby generating the appropriate SQL.
* @param $fromClause
* @return string The SQL.
public function walkFromClause($fromClause)
$sql = parent::walkFromClause($fromClause);
$index = $this->getQuery()->getHint("useIndexWalker.index");
return preg_replace('/( INNER JOIN| LEFT JOIN|$)/', sprintf(' USE INDEX(%s)\1', $index), $sql, 1);

Repository File Code

use Doctrine\ORM\Query;
public function getSlug()
$query = $this->createQueryBuilder('b')
->where('b.slug LIKE :slug')
->setParameter('slug', '%' . $slug . '%')
->andWhere('b.status = :status')
->setParameter('status', 'Active')
->andWhere('b.publishstatus = :cpublishstatus')
$query->setHint("useIndexWalker.index", "status_seqno");
return count($query->getArrayResult());

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